Adjectives from participles and gerunds (II)

Participle adjectives

Some months ago I published a post about adjectives that come from participles and gerunds. It is time to practice what we learnt there a little bit. You will find a couple of exercises below. The solutions -and a printable version of the exercises- can be downloaded at the end of the text.

Fill in the gaps in these sentences with the adjectives in the list below.

disappointed, confusing, frightened, surprising, embarrassing, frightening, exhausting, exciting, excited, charming, tired

  1. I found the film really _________ . I had to sleep with a light on!
  2. I was so _________ by my exam results. I had studied for weeks but, then, I got so nervous during the exam that I forgot everything.
  3.  The situation was really _________ . Imagine, the day you meet you in-laws; you are having dinner at a posh restaurant the waiter drops all the soup onto you!!!
  4. The children were really _________ about the theme park. They couldn’t stop talking about it.
  5.  I don’t like watching horror films because I feel so _________ afterwards that I can’t sleep.
  6. The book I am reading is so _________ that I have read ten chapters already!
  7. Her story was really _________. I would have never dreamt of such an ending.
  8. The baby is so _________. Look at his rosy cheeks.
  9. Running the London Marathon is _________ . I have never been so _________ before.
  10. The instructions for the task are really _________. I don’t understand what we have to do.

Now choose the correct adjective for each sentence.

  1. I feel really bored/boring today. I don’t know what to do.
  2. The documentary about modern technology was fascinated/fascinating.
  3. Jane was so annoyed/annoying by her argument with Pete that she didn’t come to the party.
  4. After his break-up with Judy, Mark was depressed/depressing for a while, but eventually he started going out again and met his current girlfriend.
  5. I have some amazed/amazing news!
  6. This is a stimulated/stimulating exercise. You should try it!
  7. I found the exhibition really interested/interesting.
  8. The clown’s performance was very entertained/entertaining.
  9. His words are always flattered/flattering but I wouldn’t trust him much.
  10. I’d be so moved/moving by a such a show of affection.

You can download the exercises and their solutions.


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